My Story

Tin HtooMy name is Tin Htoo. I am a mechanical engineer in Toronto, Canada. Most of my experience can be summarized as engineering design of compnents and electro-mechanical systems for industrial applications. This page has been created to share my experiences, interests, values and what I seek in my work environment to make new connections for work and business.


My Work Experience

Since I was young, I have always been interested in making things. Be it food, websites, pictures, structures or mechanisms. There is something special about creating something from nothing. Here are some of my experiences in no particular order of importance.

Sheet metal components and assemblies

Sheet metal design is a specialty of mine. Brackets, enclosures and latches are some of the many sheet metal parts I have designed. I have designed from a small latch to an industrial cabinet.

Electronics Packaging

I have designed packaging of electrical power supplies, high frequency telecom equipment and other electro-mechanical assemblies in industrial applications. I have designed enclosures for electromagnetic interference and solved air flow and thermal issues in power supplies.

System Integration

I have developed systems that require the understanding of multiple disciplines. A scrap marker in an industrial printing system is a good example. I made two of those. One uses ink-jet technology and the other mechanical contact. For the ink-jet system, we learned how the technology worked, sourced components, exprimented and developed the system. For the mechanical contact marker, we used an OEM ink-roll, a rubber marking roller, a solenoid, precision shafting and bearings. In both projects, I designed the mechanical parts and coordinated electrical and software engineers.

Mast Raising Device Prototype

I made it to raise and lower the mast on a 20-ft sailboat. The mast is approximately about 30′ long and weigh about 80lb. The device made it possible to raise and lower the mast with only one person cranking the winch easily and under control. It can hold the mast in mid-operation safely. I used an aluminium tubing, a brake winch, a few custom made metal brackets and some lines.

Employment History

Hardware Engineer III, A Technology and Services Company, Toronto, ON, 2016 to 2021
Senior Mechanical Engineer, MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS, Markham, ON, 2008 to 2014
Mechanical Engineer, FLEXTRONICS CANADA DESIGN SERVICES, INC., Ottawa, ON, 2008 to 2008
Staff Mechanical Engineer, DELPHAX TECHNOLOGIES CANADA LTD., Mississauga, ON, 1998 to 2007
Engineering Staff (contract), NORTEL, Ottawa, ON, 1994 to 1998

Other Interests And Hobbies

Sailing – I lived to race sailboats until about 40. I have been to two world championship level events in albacore dinghies. I was known for making an old boat go with minimal gadgets. Sailboat racing was a big part of my life and it has also taught me many things. I am still enjoying leisure sailing regularly.

Food – It is a hobby of mine. I cook everyday for taste and fun. I can cook most of what I like better than many restaurants. I am still learning new things regularly and improving slowly.

Traveling – I want to see and know the world we live in as much as possible. I don’t want to just go to places, take selfies and return. I want to be able to feel how people live and work there. It usually means spending time at the place. It is not easy to do when you have limited time and budget. I try to do what I can.

Photography – My pictures are mostly landscapes, some city shots, and occasional portraits. Like everything else, I am finding many little things to learn to make better pictures regardless of the equipment.

Reading – I appreciate good writing of any kind. I have been reading novels, creative non-fictions and self-help books.

Writing – I have written technical reports, instruction manuals and engineering change documents among other things. I also dabble in fiction and non-fiction writing.

Website Building – I have built and maintained websites with HTML and CSS, WordPress, Joomla and Concrete 5.

Home And Appliances Maintenance – I have repaired, renovated and built many things at home. Most of the time, I did it to get exactly what I wanted, and saved some money but also spent more time in the process.

Computers – I have been building and maintaining linux and windows computers at home. Linux has been my operating system of choice at home for over 10 years.

I hope this gives you a idea of who I am, my background and interests. If you feel that I can be a good person to connect with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

From Here On

I am at a stage in my life where work-life balance matters more than a career. Part-time or contract work is preferable to full time, and hybrid is preferable to on-site.

As for mechanical design and related work such as sustaining CAD and drafting work for legacy products, I am available on contract or free-lance basis if it can be done with SolidWorks. This is something I have done for a long time and can do easily. So if I can help some organizations, why not.

For other types of work, I am open to all kinds of possibilities. I am curious and analytical. I like learning new things, solving problems and improving things. I would think that I will be good at operations, data analysis, inspections, and so on. If you read through my experiences and interests, you will probably have a good idea of whether I will be a good fit for what you need help with. Just contact me and we can see where it takes us.


I can be reached at

Thank you for reading and warm regards.