Prague 2016

2016 Trip To Prague

Prague, Czech Republic, may be the most photographed cities in the world. I have been to a few large cities in North America, Europe and Asia. So far, Prague has the largest selection of old architecture that survived the wars. There were many historical sites in Old Town which is in Prague 1. We had the opportunity to stop over 2 days in the summer of 2016. We stayed in New Town close to Prague 1 and roamed around in Prague 1 and Old Town.

There were lots of picture-taking opportunities. We saw tourists from all over the world roaming around the city with all kinds of cameras. I was pleasantly surprised to see  quite a few small supermarkets selling Asian instant noodles. There were some segway tours available even though we did not try any. Seemed like a good way to look around without walking too much.

The locals were quite relaxed and helpful to tourists as well. We hope to return one day and spend more time there.

Here are some of the pictures taken on the visit.

Around the city center:

City center


City center


Statue on building


City center


Prague Old Town


Monument in park


Rotating 42-Layer Sculpture of Franz Kafka’s Head
Rotating 42-Layer Sculpture of Franz Kafka’s Head


Prague Old Town


Building in Prague jewish quarter


Monument and old building


Old architecture


Monumnet in Old Town


Old Town architecture


One of oldest and still operational maternity hospital in Europe.

Provincial Maternity Hospital


Old Town architecture


Piano in park


New establishment in old building




New trams with old buildings in Prague


Along the river front and around Charles Bridge:

Classic car


The Dancing HouseDancing House in Prague


Boats at Prague river front


Old architecture on Prague river front


Prague old royal palace




One end of Charles Bridge.
One end of Charles Bridge


Tower at Charles Bridge.
One end of Charles Bridge


Franz Kafka Muzeum
Franz Kafka Muzeum


Musicians on Charles Bridge


Monument on Charles Bridge


Monument on Charles Bridge


View from west side of river


A View of Old Town river front.Prague river front


Boat near bridge


Around the Old Royal Palace:

Old Royal Palace


Palace gate






Near old royal palace