Malmo Copenhagen 2016

2016 Trip To Malmö and Copenhagen

I visited Malmö, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark in late June of 2016. Those two cites are connected by a bridge. The trip between the two cities takes about half an hour or so. Many people fly in and out of Copenhagen to go to Malmö as there are more flight options in Copenhagen. I stayed at my friends in Malmö and made a day trip to Copenhagen.

There are some of the pictures taken on the visit.


Shoes in Malmo


Malmo Metro Station


Canal in Malmo

The bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen

Bridge between Malmo and Copenhagen


Inside a church in Malmo


Inside a church in Malmo

Malmö Symphony Orchestra rehearsing at a park

Orchestra in a park


A lighthouse in Malmo

The Optimist Orchestra

Optimist Orchestra


Sailing optimists


Leaning Torso


Walking path


Malmo buildings



Patio cafe


Horse rider statue


New harbor


New harbor




Harbor front


Inside a church


Water bus


Farmer Statue


Sea bus stop


Sailing ship


Historic building

In the front car of the driverless Copenhagen metro.